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Goodnight Loving Vodka

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Some might say Goodnight Loving Vodka started 50 years ago when founders Tim Osburn and Gary Crowell were just kids taking in their parents’ cocktail parties from the top of the stairs.

It took until 2018 for the longtime friends to realize their dream of bottling the spirit of 1960’s cocktail culture. Beginning with pure Texas artesian spring water, Goodnight Loving Vodka is perfectly filtered and bottled at Tim and Gary’s distillery in Austin, Texas. It’s a vodka that loves a goodnight as much as their fathers did.

Naturally gluten-free with no added sugar, citric acid, or glycerin, Goodnight Loving is distilled from the finest corn and made with pure Texas artesian spring water resulting in a clean and ultra-smooth taste. Pure, unflavored, straight vodka special enough to share with friends. Available in 750ml and 1 Liter bottles

Goodnight Loving Vodka